Cokeryen. Photo, film, food by Tony Le Duc.

Snijders&Rockox house, from 28/9/2018 until 13/1/2019.

Snijders Rockoxhuis tentoonstelling cokeryenThe culinary photographer Tony Le Duc knows how to raise food to the level of art, a talent he shares with the Baroque painter Frans Snijders. Le Duc draws inspiration from the food still lifes of the Baroque, while offering a fresh look at that period - literally and figuratively - through new photographic and video work. A delicious exhibition at the new Snyders&Rockox House!

Carp and ginger; cinnamon and raisins; quail, thrush, chaffinch and suchlike in pastry; pottage...

These were all items on the 17th-century citizen’s menu as well as ingredients found in the impressive market scenes and still lifes of Frans Snyders and his contemporaries. Culinary photographer Tony Le Duc has a similar keen eye to Snyders, and both elevate food to the level of art. Le Duc uses colour and composition to perform his magic. Placing his photographs alongside 17th-century still lifes creates a fascinating contrast. A delicious exhibition in the house and studio of Frans Snyders himself, which opens to the public in 2018 next door to the Rockox House.

And when you’re through feasting your eyes, you can treat yourself to a typical Baroque meal in the restaurant or the Baroque food truck.

Snijders Rockoxhuis tentoonstelling cokeryen Snijders Rockoxhuis tentoonstelling cokeryen

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The Snijders&Rockox House, open to the public from 24 february 2018

Snijders Rockox openingsaffiche en

Nicolaas Rockox and Frans Snijders were key figures in Antwerp during the Baroque era. Each made his mark on the city’s cultural and social life – Nicolaas as burgomaster and Frans as a brilliant painter of animals and still lifes. They were also next-door neighbours for 20 years in Keizerstraat.

Their original homes, now carefully restored, both belong to KBC, which opened the Rockox House as a museum some years ago and is now doing the same with the Snijders House. The everyday world of 17th-century citizens will be evoked through items from the museum’s own collection, supplemented by loans from museums and private collections in Belgium and abroad.

We will be able to view Nicolaas and Frans’s domestic environment through their own eyes, along with the making and promotion of art, collecting and display, markets and richly set tables, nature and gardens, and the humanist and the average citizen in the turbulent era in which they lived.

It will be here for you to discover from 24 February 2018!


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