14 December 1560 Birth of Nicolaas Rockox in Antwerp.
1566 Calvinist iconoclasts destroy church interiors.
1570 Death of Adriaan Rockox, Nicolaas’s father.
1576 ‘The Spanish Fury’: Spanish troops plunder Antwerp.
1577 Rubens is born in Siegen, Germany.
1579 Union of Utrecht is declared. Antwerp becomes a Calvinist city.
11 November 1579 Frans Snijders is baptised in the Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp.
1584 Rockox joins the Antwerp civic guard.
1585 The Fall of Antwerp. The city is captured on 27 August by the Spanish general Alexander Farnese, the duke of Parma.
5 September 1589 Nicolaas Rockox marries his neighbour Adriana Perez.
1593 Frans Snijders is apprenticed to Pieter Brueghel the Younger and later to Hendrik van Balen.
1599 The ‘Joyous Entry’ of Archduke Albert and the Infanta Isabella.
1599 Rockox is knighted by Albert and Isabella.
1600-1608 Rubens spends period in Italy.
1602 Frans Snijders enrols as a free master in the Antwerp Guild of St Luke.
1603 Rockox is appointed burgomaster for external affairs for the first time.
1609 Frans Snijders returns from Italy. We do not know when he first travelled there.
1609 The Twelve Year Truce is declared.
23 Oktober 1611 Frans Snijders marries Margriete de Vos. The young couple move into number 17 Korte Gasthuisstraat.
1615 Albert and Isabella visit Antwerp. Nicholas Rockox is the burgomaster for external affairs at the time.
1619 Adriana Perez dies and is buried in the Minorite church in Antwerp.
1619 Snijders is admitted to the Romanists’ Guild – a select company of well-to-do individuals, the members of which had visited Rome.
24 December 1620 Frans Snijders and Margriete de Vos purchase the house ‘De Fortuyne’ in Antwerp’s Keizerstraat, next door to Nicolaas Rockox. They move into the building in 1622.
1621 End of the Twelve Year Truce Death of Archduke Albert.
1625 Rockox becomes burgomaster for external affairs for the last time.
1635 Gevartius, Rubens and Rockox jointly organise the ‘Joyous Entry’ of Cardinal Infante Ferdinand of Austria.
1636-1638 Led by Rubens, Snijders collaborates with other artists (including Cornelis de Vos) on the mythological decoration of the Torre de la Parada hunting lodge near Madrid, owned by King Philip IV of Spain. Snijders receives a parallel commission for 60 animal paintings. Further commissions follow for the Alcázar palace and clients in the Northern Netherlands.
30 May 1640 Rubens dies and is buried in the Church of St James.
12 December 1640 Rockox dies and is buried in the Minorite church.
2 September 1647 Margriete de Vos dies and is buried in the Minorite church.
19 August 1657 Frans Snijders dies and is buried in the Minorite church.