New Art Book : 500 years of collecting in Antwerp – a passionate story.

500 jaar verzamelen in Antwerpen, een passioneel verhaal.A joint project of the Antwerp Royal Museum of Fine Arts and the Rockox House Museum, and published by Davidsfonds (a Flemish cultural association).

The Golden Cabinet is a tribute to collectors. Antwerp’s Royal Museum of Fine Arts (KMSKA) and the Rockox House Museum are presenting an example of what a rich Antwerp art collection of the Golden Century might have looked like – a tangible imaginary museum. This art book takes things a step further and presents eleven Antwerp art collectors who – in all their diversity and with their individual visions and interests – assembled major art collections spanning five centuries, thus contributing to the magnificence of the city. Whilst Antwerp certainly had more collectors than the eleven presented in this book, it showcases some of the wealth hidden behind the facades of the rich patrician houses. This book is no longer available.


Malou van de Mussen (image book)

Malou van de MussenA new historical novel by Noëlla Elpers for teenagers and post-teenagers. As a serving-girl, Malou van de Mussen plays a part at the patrician residence of Nicolaas Rockox. For her, the garden of the fine house is a place to linger, to enjoy and to dream. The book is on sale at the desk of the Snijders&Rockox House.

Note: the book is published in Dutch only.


A Biography of Nicolaas Rockox:
Burgomaster of Antwerp during it’s Golden Age – by Leen Huet and Jan Grieten

Snijders Rockoxhuis nicolaasrockox

The art historians Leen Huet and Jan Grieten have written a new biography of Nicolaas Rockox … a biography that places this 17th century patrician in a contemporary context. This new publication bears witness to the fact that, at that time, social involvement, patronage and socially responsible business practices were key elements in giving a city its mark of quality. For this work, the authors trawled through hundreds of archived documents and discovered surprising new facts surrounding this fascinating figure. This Rockox biography is published in Dutch by Meulenhoff/Manteau, Antwerp. This book is no longer available.