The Snijders&Rockox House - To do: Children’s visits

Children’s visits


The Snijders&Rockox House
Keizerstraat 10
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Museum lesson: This is Nicolaas Rockox, this is Frans Snijders

To put the visit to the Snijders&Rockox House in context, each group is provided with a short animated film.


This is Nicolaas Rockox ...

The activity at The Snijders&Rockox House begins with a visit to the exhibition. The guide uses a variety of objects to engage the children in a conversation about the paintings, sculptures and curiosities.
A range of themes are mentioned, including portraits, landscapes, animals, still lifes, heroes and saints, and collecting.
There are also absorbing, visual tasks to accompany them. Available from 1 March 2018.


Activity Booklet for Kids

The booklet is available free of charge from the desk.
Available from 1 March 2018.