The Snijders&Rockox House - Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


The Snyders&Rockox House, where two key figures in Antwerp society lived in the first half of the 17th century, serves as a museum, an inspirational and enriching meeting place to experience the art and history of Baroque Antwerp in an innovative manner.


The Snyders&Rockox House, the historical residences and the art collection they house, are the starting point for a dialogue with the community and heritage of Antwerp in the second half of the 16th and first half of the 17th century. Several of Antwerp’s museums, incidentally, represent a key figure from that period. In the case of the Snyders&Rockox House, they are Mayor Nicolaas Rockox and the painter Frans Snyders. Rockox’ social and political engagement make him a symbol of leadership, image, networking and enterprise. His cultural achievements were also remarkable. Frans Snyders was a craftsman who stands for creativity, quality and cooperation. By drawing on this past, we build a bridge to the present and the future. We remain innovative and we narrate this gripping history through tangible and intangible evidence in a contemporary way to a wide audience.

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