The Snijders&Rockox House - Collection furniture

Collection furniture

Flemish Five-door Cupboard

Antwerp Wardrobe, early 17th century

Adoration of the Magi, ca. 1515

Small Baroque Cupboard, Bruges, mid 17th century

Antwerp Beguine Cupboard, 1st quarter 17th century

Flemish Four-door Cupboard, 1st quarter of 17th century

Flemish two-door Cupboard, 17th century

Renaissance open Cabinet, c. 1600 with a collection of Wan-Li Porcelain

Flemish Chest, c. 1600

Chest, 1700-1725, 1st quarter 17th century

Spanish Chest, Late gothic, c. 1500

Case, Late Gothic, 16th century

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